SAK Egypt Co. for import and export registered in the name of individual company owned by Mr. Saeed Abdel-Fattah Kuraitam which is the acronym for the company S.A.K. to the owner of the company, and EGYPT is the headquarters place of the company where it is located in Egypt, the company is working on the export of Egyptian raw products such as rock salt, marine salt,Rock phosphate, Silica and all raw materials as well as in Egypt and the Egyptian industrial products.

SAK Egypt is working on the import of auto parts, heavy equipment and agricultural equipment

SAK Egypt Co. located in Africa in northern Egypt, at Elbeheera state in  of Damanhour city  where the head office of the company.

We are working on the credibility First of all our business in the field of import and export, where we would like to be the product quality is the most important criterion in the creation of any deal and support to the end at any where and at any time

We always welcome to contact us as we are working on that there will be an long term partnership as well as assist in the service and support and so we are ready to receive your request  any product we make available to you and to harness the existing difficulties.